100% Sustainable Technology Company in Energy Production!

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Why be sustainable?

Being sustainable is not only momentary, it is an essential issue for our planet. Consume resources that do not make sense, if there is the possibility of being sustainable and at the same time innovating, why not?

In this way we raise higher flights, and thus making us sustainable in anergia too!

Withit  all began

In mid-2016 where it all started, the main goal was just to eliminate papers, but the project ended up going farbeyond,  because of this the company adopted the digitization of 100%  digital contracts with an online platform.

Once the decision was made, we started the migration of our contracts to the digital  model,  generating a great savings of paper and correspondence,in addition to increasing the speed ofthe signing process and activation of services for the client.

Within the company was made a digital transformation,  introducing  monitoring boards  and dashboards throughout  the company,  with real-time information for monitoringas  the activities developed.

With a renewal of the company’s work methodology, including the elimination of papers we obtained  the ODS  SESI seal in 2019,the recognition came through its commitment  to sustainability.

After the successful elimination of papisis,  the second step  was the study for photovoltaic energy implantation.

One of the main positive impacts of solar adoption in our company concerns the sustainability and preservation of the environment. The sun is a renewable and inexhaustible source of energy and the conversion from solar to electric does not emit greenhouse gases. Besides being an excellent resource for the planet, inserting the sustainability policy generates the company a value before society.

Solar energy also brought us tranquility in  relation to the amount paid monthly  generating  great recognition for our company between the population of the city and the technology community.

With these measures, the company preserved more than 262 trees with the power update..  Thecds contributed to the reduction of 9 tons of carbon and the production of another 22.3 mega watts of clean energy.

CDS Software’s head home in Cornélio Procópio, PR, Brazil

Conscious disposal of outdated technology

Computers that are already out of time and no longer serve to develop a quality and agility work in the company,  CDS  makes donation  ofthe parts to entities that work with recycling and help in learning and future technology professionals, in partner  schools. However, specific parts such as batteries, batteries and lamps are disposed of correctly at specific collection points, always thinking about the environment.

However, batteries and lamps are also disposed of at collection points correctly, always thinking about the environment.

Our concern is for society!

The preservation of the environment depends on each ofus, not on isolated people such as rulers and  large corporations. Therefore, it is  only up to yourself to make choices in your daily routine that contribute to reducing environmental impacts.

Solar energy is a major ally in reducing pollution and carbontaxes, as it is considered  a clean resource,unlike thermal power plants that produce energy from coal.

Now CDS, in addition to being a paper-free company, is proud to be sustainable in its own energy production. Always working in the conscientization of his team opting for  sustainable  actions, can thusaffirm   so  that this is an environmentally friendly company. ndo

Board focused on Innovation.

This vision of preservation and sustainability comes from the Company’s Board of Directors, Carlos  dos Santosand Dulce Romana dos Santos. Both,  in addition to  constantly  investing in the  learning of their employees are always seeking new  alternatives for preserving the environment.

The Director of CDS is already known worldwide in the technology community through his performance and excellence in his work,always  with innovations and knowledge sharing.

He is currently part of a microsoft team such as MVP and RD, in his long work day always seeks to take the name of the city of Cornelius Procópio as a hub of innovation in technology around the world.


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